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Satellite crosslink and downlink solutions that adapt to your mission requirements.

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Image credit: NASA ISS043-E-86375
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We provide broadband for constellations.

The Need

Broadband communication is key for constellation mission success. Rapid tasking, low-latency data retrieval, and autonomous operation all depend on reliable, fast communications. Optical communications is the ideal solution for this problem.

Optical offers superb power efficiency, effectively unlimited spectrum, and robust security relative to RF solutions. However, optical systems do present numerous system design, manufacturing and operational challenges.

Our Solution

Blue Cubed has developed a line of modular optical and hybrid RF communication products that can be rapidly and cost-effectively targeted at a wide variety of missions.

We treat manufacturing as first class problem from the start. Our designs incorporate a patent pending self-alignment scheme that allows us to deliver at volume in a way that is cost competitive with RF solutions.

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